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  • V.K Engineers in Short

V.K Engineers was established early period of last decade. Mr .V.M Karvir was recognized as a key person behind its progress, quality and position in a segment of chemical and pharmaceutical plant equipment providers.

Chemical and pharmaceutical companies were on the verge of full proof growth. The demand for reactors and storage tanks was most predictable and convincing with setup of V.K.Engineers . 

V.K.Engineers listed its 1st client Caffil Pvt ltd. V.K.Engineers has grown as a result of the exceptional excellence of work and the personal care to clients. Today, V.K.Engineers has a staff of engineers, technicians, and support personnel covering all the disciplines of engineering.

Mr.Harshad Karvir joined the founder in later period of last decade. And V.K.Engineers started its development in various areas like Heat Exchanger, Nutsche filters, Tank etc
Today V.K.Engineers is known to industry as a Manufactures of Chemicals Pharmaceutical & Sulphuric Acid Plant's Equipments like Reactor, Heat Exchanger, Nutsche Filters, Tanks

Today turn-key projects of chemical plant needs are well catered by V.K.Engineers. And in near future.
And in near future High Pressure Reaction Vessels [Autoclave] would be soon made under the shades of V.K.Engineers

  • Manpower

  • Engineers Mechanical & Chemical

  • Supervisors

  • CAD Expert

  • Draughtsman

  • Skilled Fabricators

  • Welders

  • Helpers

  • Turner / Machinist

  • Accountant / Store Keeper

  • In House Machinery

  • Tig Machine.

  • Plasma cutting Machine.

  • Welding Transformers.

  • Plate Bending Machine .
    ( 1500 width X 20 mm. Thick Capacity )

  • 18 Feet  Long Lathe Machine.

  • 6 Feet  Long Lathe Machine.

  • 24" Shaper Machine.

  • Pipe Bending Machine.

  • Radial Drill 40 mm. Cap.

  • Drilling Machine

  • Hydraulic press 100 Ton Cap.

  • Hydraulic Hacksaw Machine.

  • Hand Grinders.

  • Tube Expansion Machine

J-151, M.I.D.C, Tarapur
Boisar - 401 506.

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